Sycamore Township Trustees, 8540 Kenwood Road, Sycamore Township, and the public, were recently informed that they are in receipt of a public monthly summary report for June, 2015, of law enforcement related issues and activities in Sycamore Township:

Homicide:    0

Rape:             0

Robbery:       0

Assault:         2

Domestic Violence:  9

Burglary:       3

Theft:            62

Auto Theft:    1

Criminal Damaging:  5

OVI:                0

Citations:    169

CIS Cases:     57

CIS Cases Closed:  28

Property Recovered:  $30,000.00, Plus– (U. S. D.)

Auto Accidents:    108

Details:                  1,098


(Source: Hamilton County, Ohio, County Sheriff’s Department, Cincinnati, Ohio; Sycamore Township)

(Compliments/ Courtesy of:  Chris M. Ketteman, Lieutenant, District Three, Commander, Enforcement Division)