N. O. P. E. (Neighbors Opposed To Pipeline Extension, held their third town hall public meeting on Monday, July 11,2016 in Evendale, Ohio.

It was held at The Village of Evendale Ohio, Recreation Center, Flex Room, 10500 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio, at 06:30 p. m.

Partial Summary/ Personal Observation(s):

Dais Attendance: None; The presenters spoke, either, from a lecturn or “free standing.”

Citizen Journalist/ Web Blogger: Joseph (Janusiewicz)(“Jay”) Janus, Jr.; http://www.jjanusjr.wordpress.com; Link:  “….Sycamore Township, Ohio, Stuff…”


Audience: Consisted of over 200, plus, citizenry; Even though it was standing room only several people stood throughout the presentation.


(NOTE: This was the first such event that ANYONE did not attempt to remove me from my unreserved seat while this event was in progress.

Since their last town hall I made a suggestion to a N. O. P. E. er presenter, R. Lucas, that they consider having a section reserved for handicapped.

I was pleasantly surprised that prior to the start of this event, N. O. P. E. had the first two rows reserved…FOR THE HANDICAPPED OR ELDERLY.)


This free public town hall meeting started at 06:43 p. m.

David Elmer, Assistant To The Village Mayor, Evendale, Ohio–Started off with  a Power Point presentation.

He spoke on the brief history of Evendale, Ohio, on this project.

This included a visit to an earlier “open house,” as well as a conference call with some involved with this project.

An audience member queried, “Do we know why Duke wants to do this?”

(Note: Multiple hearty chortles ensued from some in the audience.)


Howard Richshafer–(N.O. P. E.)–(Power Point Presentation)


(NOTE: Gratuitous orally lavished laudits are inserted here on numerous politicians that are present for this event.

Several of them have yet to express ANY public on the record position of or against this project to date!)


We have a simple mission.

We do not want this high pressure pipeline in any neighborhood.

We do not want this in any highly populated areas.

This is our third public town hall.

Our first one was in Blue Ash, Ohio.

Our second one was in Golf Manor, Ohio.

This one, our third, is in Evendale, Ohio.

This would be a very large, high pressure, natural gas transmission pipeline.

This would be thirty inches in diameter.

The lines that go into our homes are about 1.25 to 2.00 inches in diameter.

This is a transmission pipeline.

Our homes used about 1 P. S. I.

This would be about 720 P. S. I.

This requires a fifty foot trench minimum.

This would destroy wildlife, roads, avenues, trees.

An easement is allowed by The United States Constitution–Fifth Amendment; However Duke most compensate you, in this case, for property taken at fair market value.

This gas will be shipped to Louisiana.

This will decrease your property value.

The analysis for the location of the routes was purported to be by computer.

Pink Route–Blue Ash;  Amberley; Cincinnati–Pleasant Ridge; Golf Manor; Norwood

Green Route–Lebanon; Sharonville; Blue Ash; Evendale; Norwood

Orange Route–Sycamore Township–Rossmoyne and Kenwood; Deer Park; Madeira

Duke must first file an application with The Ohio Power Siting Board.

They have delayed their decision since June, 2016.

There has been no one route determination.

A recent press release by Duke states that they  have made route suggestions to The Ohio Power Siting Board.

Duke intends to have more discussions with the people.

N. O. P. E. and Duke met on Monday, July 11, 2016.

Duke will meet again with N. O. P. E. in two weeks.

The Ohio Power Siting Board is required to schedule public hearing on this project in this area.

This board will choose a primary route.

On April 9, 2016, 40 acres of land was scorched in Salem Township, Pennsylvania.

This resulted in a 1,500 foot hole.

On July 2, 2016, a pipeline explosion happened in Melvindale, Michigan.

On September 9, 2010, in San Bruno, California, a pipeline explosion resulted in 100 homes destroyed and 8 killed.

As of June 10, 2016, over 1,000 complaints on this project have been received by The Ohio Power Siting Board.


Ronna Lucas–(N. O. P. E)–(-Power Point Presentation):

This is the first of five major projects.

This route would go between Norwood, Ohio, and Fairfax, Ohio, and The Ohio River.

This natural gas will serve two million homes.

it is to be laid three to four feet under the ground.

The land must be cleared for twelve miles for thirty to one hundred feet.

Duke has promised any disturbed property will be restored to its pre-existing condition.

No trees or shrubs may be returned to any easement.

To do anything on any easement requires written permission from Duke.

Duke will self-monitor this project.

Do not sign anything without being fully informed.

Duke says this will benefit local customers.

Duke says this line is to replace aging infrastructure.

N. O.P. E. concerns involve safety and combustible.

Duke has never installed a pipeline of this magnitude in populated areas.

On January 26, 2016, a “new” pipeline exploded in Brook County, West Virginia.

N.O. P. E. is concerned that this project involves health and environmental issues.


Ron (?)–(N. O. P. E.) (Power Point Presentation)

I am requesting action.

Make noise–letters, faxes, cards, notes, emails.

Officials may intervene with a petition.

You should refuse all survey access.

There is a long process for approval.

There are cards at the door.

Demand stricter regulations.

On July 27, 2016, Duke will be meeting with governmental entity officials at The Sharonville, Ohio, Convention Center.


E. R. Miller–(N. O.P.E.)–We are interesting in having people join us as a “think tank” organization.


Howard Richshafer–(N. O. P. E.)–(Questions):

Citizenry: Why is not the business community speaking up.

Richshafer:  So far just Blue Ash has spoken up.

Neyer is against this project.

Citizenry: How does one get on The Ohio Power Siting Board?

Richshafer: The members are appointed by Ohio Governor Kasich.

Citizenry: I have received no assistance on this project from Governor Kasich.

Citizenry: What is one of the proposed routes?

Richshafer:  One is through Norwood, Ohio, to Fairfax, Ohio, to The Ohio River.

Citizenry: The Green Route goes through Reading, Ohio.

Citizenry: What is the difference between Intra-state and Interstate?

Richshafer: Intra-state is within the same state; Interstate is between multiple states.

Citizenry: What is the purpose of the July 27, 2016, meeting?

Richshafer:  This involves Duke meeting with representatives of governmental entities to discuss this project.

Citizenry:  How are and were these routes chosen?

Richshafer: They were all chosen by computer.

Citizenry: Have there been any demonstrations about this project.

Richshafer:  None, at this time.

Richshafer: I will take one more question.

Citizenry:  Where can we get some maps and updated maps on this project?

Richshafer: Duke has them online; N. O. P. E. has them online; O. K. I. and N. O. P.E. will be working on more maps for this project.

Adjournment:  08:13 p. m.